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The Croydon Social Language Club is almost 50 years old. Founded by like-minded people in the Croydon area in 1970, it has grown from strength to strength.
The Club meets every Monday (except bank holidays) in the comfortable surroundings of the South Croydon Sports Club. We have a large and pleasant private room and drinks and refreshments may be purchased from the bar.
The Club is for people who enjoy speaking a foreign language. Some basic knowledge of the language is required for people to participate, but the emphasis is on conversation in a sociable ambience to dispel the mystique and embarrassment some may feel in trying to improve their speaking skills.

All are welcome. Members come from all walks of life and several are native speakers of foreign languages resident in the UK.
There are separate tables for French and Spanish - and German and Italian (if demand is sufficient). Other languages could be added (again if demand is sufficient and if practicable). We encourage those for whom English is a second language and who want to improve it to attend, in some cases in exchange for their own language. Each table normally has experienced speakers who act as animators of conversation.
There are social activities such as visits to continental Europe, meals at restaurants, cinema visits, a summer barbecue and a Christmas party.

Come along for a free taster session - we'd love to see you.

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